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Gallery Of Our Work

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We are proud of the work that we do and the results that we get.

Don’t just take our word for it.. have a look at the gallery of our carpet cleaning and soft furnishing refreshes – pull the arrow from left to right to see a before and after. Want to know more? Just give us a call on 01622 820292 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements!

Dust to Dust - Professionally Vacuuming Carpets - Before and After

Customer's favourite armchair carefully cleaned - Before and After

Axminster carpet covered in ground in cigarette ash - Before and After

Sticky Double Sided Tape on Carpet - Before and After

Cleaning a Leather Sofa - Before and After

Soiled Lounge Carpet

First we Vacuum, then we treat, then we clean for the best results.

Heavily Stained Carpet

No matter how dirty or worn your carpets and upholstery become we can still restore them saving you the cost an inconvenience of replacing with new.

All the heavy impact soil and grease successfully removed - the only thing we can't fix is fading due to sunlight and age.

Heavy soiling and grease created by footfall from the kitchen floor - Before and After

Heavy soiling from heavy footfall and pets, despite vacuuming on a regular basis the fibre becomes compressed holding onto the dirt.- Before and After

Before cleaning After

Velvet cover chair stained with food oils such as gravy - Before and After

Dog mess and vomit deposits on a mixed fibre carpet - Before Dog faeces and vomit deposits on a mixed fibre carpet - After

Dog mess & vomit deposits - Before and After

Before carpet cleaning After carpet cleaning

Heavy Hallway Stain - Before and After

Blood and vomit deposits on a pure wool fibre carpet - Before Blood and vomit deposits on a pure wool fibre carpet - After

Blood & vomit on a pure wool fibre carpet - Before and After

patterned-rug-before-cleaning-by-CCC-Southeast patterned-rug-after-cleaning-by-CCC-Southeast

Patterned Rug - Before and After

Heavily Stained Carpet Before Cleaning All Stains Removed From Carpet After Cleaning

Heavily Stained Carpet - Before and After

Old carpet before cleaning Carpet cleaned and refreshed after cleaning

Old Stair Carpet - Before and After

Patterned Rug before cleaning Patterned Rug after cleaning

Patterned Rug - Before and After

Hallway carpet before cleaning Hallway carpet after cleaning

Hallway carpet - Before and After

Stairs before cleaning Stairs after cleaning

Stairs - Before and After