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Granite and Quartz, That’s a tough one!

Has to be really, the most used work surface within the home takes some punishment from every day use and needs to be treated correctly to restore it’s former glory.

We recently completed this work of these counter tops and as you can see there is residue a plenty left to be cleaned off. Food grease and calcium deposits can build up along with limescale from water alonside bacteria and other particles.

We set to work with our Quartz and Granite cleaner which we provide. This is applied generously to the surface then steamed and buffed with a polish machine and microfibre pads on a slow setting over and over until all residue is clear and the surface is pristine.

Then we apply our Quartz and Granite sealer which is applied generously to the surface left 10 mins then buffed off with a microfibre cloth. This is also done several times to ensure maximum protection.

As you can see from the photos attached the difference once cleaned and sealed is stark. The natural beauty of the surface really does shine and looks brand new.



Yes we are a Carpet Cleaning Company, yet we have many strings to our bow. Soft and hard surface, no bother, wooden floors, no bother, stone floors, we got that, tiling, yeah man! If it can be cleaned,,,,,, we can clean it!!

Check out a gallery of our carpet cleaning and soft furshining work we’ve done before!

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