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We want you to be delighted with our prices as well as our service

Our prices start from just £65

Call 01622 820292 now for a free quote

What does professional carpet cleaning cost in Kent, Sussex & Surrey? We don’t like saying “it depends”, so we offer a free on-site quote to make sure you know the final price before making your decision.

And if we believe your item can’t or shouldn’t be cleaned then we will tell you. No charge.

(If you know all the relevant details about the carpet or upholstery involved then we can still provide you with a full estimate over the phone. If you just have a question you would like to ask us then that’s fine too, just give us a call on 01622 820292 and we will be happy to help.)

We always use the right products for the job

As you would expect, our equipment is a tad more advanced than the ‘Rug Doctors’ you will find in your local DIY store. Our cleaning machine of choice is the Ashbys Ninja. We find their combination of up-to-date technology, in-series vacuum motors and in-line heat exchangers give the best results and lowest drying times. The specialist cleaning fluids we use are supplied by Prochem and are renowned for their proven effectiveness and gentleness on fabrics.

How much does it cost to have your carpets cleaned?

These are our typical prices, showing the carpet cleaning cost in Kent, Sussex & Surrey. We are happy to provide an estimate immediately if you call 01622 820292.

Carpet Cleaning

Our Typical prices are:

Whole rooms from just £65

£0.45/sqft for maintenance cleaning (all fibre types incl. wool)

£0.55/sqft for 2 part chemical deep cleaning (all fibre types incl. wool)

Furniture Cleaning

Prices can vary depending on the type:

Armchairs from just £45

2 seater from just £65

3 seater sofa from just £90


Reduce the need for future cleaning:

£0.35/sqft for Woolsafe

£0.35/sqft for Scotchguard

£0.35/sqft for Stainguard

Looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Kent, Sussex & Surrey?
-We’re Friendly, Local and frankly Marvellous at Cleaning Carpets (and Rugs and Furniture too!)

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