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Sofaaaaaaaarrghhhhh, Sogoooooooood

A story of transformation. We were recently tasked with cleaning a corner sofa that had obviously been well used.

Years of movie nights, with a bowl of popcorn, a glass of red wine and a beer or two, watching movies and their favourite shows had taken its toll on the beautiful silver grey fabric, now turned to a rather grim looking brown.😪

Not Good!

So, to work! We first applied our degreasing agent and fabric restoration product, left to dwell for 10 minutes before using our fabric rotary brushes and dry steamed off.

This not only brings the fabric up beautifully it also kills off any lingering bacteria.

As you can see from the photos attached, the stark difference between cleaned and uncleaned fabric is dramatic. This sofa, now restored looks magnificent and is ready for another 10 years of movie nights.

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