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Blood really is thicker than Water!

We recently received a call to our office in Maidstone from a lady in Kennington, Ashford who had an accident in her lounge and a good amount of blood had spilled onto her carpet, as you can see from the photos.

Her daughter tried to help her clean it up by using vinegar and bicarb of soda, as you can also see from the photos this was an unsuccessful attempt.

Blood is quite viscous and thick, throwing anything water based onto it results in dilution of the blood and this sinks into the root of the carpet making it much more difficult to clean.

We advise our customers in situations like this to throw salt on blood as this creates a capillary action to absorb the blood, then simply vacuum or sweep it up when dry and then call us on Maidstone 01622 820292 and we’ll take care of the rest. This course of action will save time and therefore money, so it really is a top tip.

So to the actual clean itself. We use our blood cleaning chemical which we dilute down for wool carpets. As wool carpets are sensitive to various chemicals the solution must be very accurately diluted so the wool fibres don’t get damaged. The chemical is then sprayed on, very gently agitated and left for 10 to 20 minutes to dwell.This allows the glucose and protein in the blood to break down and then acidic rinsed to ensure all traces of chemical have been removed, this process is repeated over and over until we reach the root of the fibres and this ensures maximum extraction and removal of the blood and any remaining chemical surfactant.

As you can see from the photographs the carpet is so clean it reflects the shape of Lee’s head taking the photo!

Our general rule with blood is, A.Throw salt at it. B, When dried hoover it. C, Call us!

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