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Hell for Leather!!

Recently, whilst at a customer’s house, we were asked if we could look at a cream leather sofa to see if it could be cleaned professionally.

Our customer said that she had been cleaning it with Cilit Bang but it never really made much of an impact. The problem with cleaning chemicals like that is they are alkaline based cleaners which over time destroys leather as it strips it of it’s fibre. As you can see from the photos the sofa was impacted with grease and a whole host of other products from fake tan to moisturiser.

How we treated the leather to clean and revitalise it

We used a cleaning solution which produces amphoteric surfactants – these are used in personal care products so it protects the leather and provides a UV resisitant coating.

As you can see from the before and after photos the results are quite dramatic. If you are ever in doubt about cleaning leather we always recommend to best be safe than sorry and call a professional in. We are happy to provide free no obligation quotes on all furniture cleaning. If you have any enquiries call 01622 820292 or email us on

Call 01622 820292 for a free quote
or email us on

We treat all sorts of soft furnishings – from dining room chairs to 3 piece suites. Sometimes just having armchairs and sofas professionally cleaned can make your whole lounge feel refreshed! If you live in the Kent area and would like to find out more then give us a call.