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Dining Room Chairs in Need of Professional Cleaning

These chairs had suffered from everyday use over the years and were visibly stained.

Dining room chairs in particular get heavy useage and these ones had footfall deposits and traces of food oils such as gravy.

How we treated the fabric to clean and revitalised it

We fully vacuumed the fabric, then carefully treated it with appropriate chemicals that are safe for the sensitive velvet, Once this was done, we extracted it and it was very satisfying to see the results which were clear to see. The edge of the seat’s fabric was once more stain free and all that remained was slight evidence of wear and tear, which is to be expected.

As you can see from the “Before” and “After” picture below, the seat’s fabric fibres were visibly improved.

Before we started professionally cleaning these old dining room chairs they were heavily stained
The results after show the fabric beautifully cleaned and all traces of food oils and footfall deposits removed

We treat all sorts of soft furnishings – from dining room chairs to 3 piece suites. Sometimes just having armchairs and sofas professionally cleaned can make your whole lounge feel refreshed! If you live in the Kent area and would like to find out more then give us a call.

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We provide a free quotation service and will happily advise you whether we think your soft furnishings can be successfully cleaned or not. You would be surprised what we can do to bring your chairs and sofas back to looking like new again.