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Fixing a Stained Carpet Previously Cleaned with Vanish

It was covered in unsightly marks. Now the carpet looks like new again.

The need to fix a stained carpet will be a tale (tail?) all too familiar to Kent’s many dog owners. The littlest member of our client’s family had taken unwell whilst in the house and unfortunately soiled the carpet in the bedroom.

I’ll spare you all the gory details, but let’s just say that both ends were involved. So once they were sure their pet dog was ok, our customer was faced with having to clean up the mess before they could go to bed.

How self-cleaning the carpet caused staining

We really can’t blame our customer for wanting to remove any dog poo and sick themselves as quickly as possible. Who wouldn’t? The problem is that the readily available high-street chemicals you tend to have to hand, such as Vanish, contain oxidising bleaching agents.

What this means is that, as well as not deep-cleaning the carpet (so traces of, shall we say, unpleasantness are going to remain), as the Vanish dries it can cause something called “drop back”. This results in the unsightly chemical Halos or Tide Marks that you can see in the “Before” picture below.

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What we did to fix it and clean the carpet

This is a fairly common scenario for us to deal with, and quite straightforward for us as professional carpet cleaners to resolve on a mixed-fibre carpet like this one.

The treatment involved first fully removing all traces of the chemicals that the customer had used themselves.

Then we could get to attacking the stains themselves using professional chemicals from Prochem and industrial Ashbys Ninja cleaning equipment.

As you can see from the “After” picture below, the carpet fibres have all been thoroughly cleaned and are now stain free. In fact, the carpet looks like new again.

Dog faeces and vomit deposits on a mixed fibre carpet - Before
The same mixed fibre carpet beautifully cleaned removing all stains

If you own a pet that has had an “accident” on your carpet or furniture, live in the Kent area, and would like it looking like new again then give us a call.

Whether you have already tried cleaning it yourself or not. We provide a free quotation service and will happily advise you whether we think your carpet can be successfully cleaned or not. You would be surprised what we can do to bring your carpets back to looking like new again.

We provide professional carpet cleaning across Kent

We are based in Maidstone and cover the whole of Kent. Here are just some of the areas we cover:

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We are looking forward to meeting you and bringing your carpets back to looking like new again!