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From VAX to the Future

So today we visited a customer who had unfortunately had a bit of a disaster with his Vax domestic carpet shampooer.

Whilst trying to clean footfall and red wine stains from his carpet the tank on his machine split quite unexpectedly and emptied its contents all over where he was attempting to clean. All the dirty soapy foamy and quite frankly disgusting water had seaped into his carpet.

Nightmare! Time for the Professionals to Take Over!

So initially to tackle this we spray the area with a defoaming agent to take all the foam and sludge back to water so any chemical residue can safely be removed. Following this we can then apply a 2 part acidic rinse which stabilises the fabric and prevents browning or yellowing problems. It leaves the carpet neutralised at the right pH after rinsing with alkaline pre sprays and removes detergent residues.

As you can see from the before and after photographs the results are quite dramatic and proves the point that if you want your carpets to look pristine leave it to the professionals.

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