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ARMageddon cleaned today!

We were recently called to a customers house to do some carpet cleaning and spotted in the corner of the room an armchair that had clearly been used a lot. It’s arms in particular were very dirty and soiled as the owner was a keen gardener.

The gentleman of the house explained how this was his favourite place to sit and relax after a day spent in his garden, keeping it well maintained and tending to it’s many plants and bushes.

So ARMagardengeddon you could say… Anyway.

We all have a favourite place to sit and relax, where we can unwind, read, watch tv, snooze etc. We know it’s seen better days and is tired and old but it’s our chair so there.

Reminds me of the episode in Frasier in which he buys his Dad a new chair and throws out his 30 year old armchair that had many gaffer tape repairs and had clearly seen better days. However it didn’t go down well and his Dad demanded he have his old chair back saying “this is the chair I saw Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon, this is the chair I sat in when you called to say I had a grandchild. This is the chair I would fall asleep in and your Mom would wake me up with a kiss and send me to bed.

Moving and emotive stuff. Clearly not just an old chair.

So to work, muddy hand marks and grease were well embedded into the fibres of the arms so a heavy degreasing agent was applied alongside a fabric restorer. Once these agents had done their work a dry steam was used at the end to help evaporate everything used..This also had the added benefit of killing off any bacteria left behind.

Once again our Technician Lee used his skill and years of knowledge to restore this much loved and treasured family item which now sits proudly in the room to be enjoyed and cherished for another 30 years.

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We would also like to take the opportunity to wish all of our customers (old and new) A very happy and prosperous 2024.

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