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Ashes to Ashes

Those three words can seem so final, and in this carpet’s case it almost was. What you see here is a culmination of cigarette ash that has been dropped onto the carpet then rubbed in by foot and just left.

Yet this isn’t any old carpet this is an Axminster carpet of top quality. Carpets from Axminster can be found in Royal residencies and top hotels around the world as well as country homes up and down the country.

This particular carpet is the Kenneth Mink Taza Panel design and comes with quite a lofty price tag. Worth saving? You bet ya! Lets get to work.

Firstly the affected area had to be scraped and scored with a plastic blade so as not to damage the carpet. Then a cleaning chemical applied and left to soak for 10 minutes. This process is repeated over and over until all areas treated.

Next we apply Ultrapac Renovate, this is normally diluted at 1/ 20 although due to the severity of impact we increased the dilution to 1/1. After application the carpet was then brushed with a copper brush to gently agitate the chemical then extracted with a dry steam until all residue was gone.

After extracting over 60 litrs of smelly filthy water, the carpet is now restored back to its former glory with no lingering smell. Amazing, absolutely splendid work by our Technician Lee. His years of Carpet Cleaning experience really coming to the fore.

To conclude, if you think your carpets are beyond cleaning with fantastic results and considering replacement, the cost of replacing them could run into thousands of pounds. Stop!!!

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